“The Veteran”

Day 11 of 2012 November PAD challenge.

For this post, I was sort of inspired after watching an episode of “Jericho” on Netflix. πŸ˜‰

Don’t Tread On Me”

Don’t tread on me
I’m more than you see

This eyesight that is almost gone
Have seen countless red dawns

My shaking, aching hands
Have protected your precious lands

This bent and broken back
Endured sleeping in frozen shacks

My tired and swollen feet
Never settled for defeat

The scars all over my body
Souvenirs of battles that are bloody

My mind that screams in the night
Organized many victorious fights

Don’t tread on me
I’m more than you see

I’m why you’re free…

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10 thoughts on ““The Veteran”

  1. I often feel inspired to write something after watching a show that touches me, but sadly I don’t do it. I see now why I should. “I’m why you’re free…” very powerfully written and touching. I felt it like a kick to the gut (I mean that in a good way).


  2. I have many old patients and hear of the wars (WWII, Vietnam, Korean …) — horrible stories and scars. I also have worked screening Vets returning from Iran and Afghanistan for suicidal tendencies– again bad stories. Some fight for freedom, some just fight because their governments told them too. And are enemies are the same.

    Nice tribute, though. Many Vets feel exactly what you wrote — well captured.


    • I haven’t personally heard any wartime stories, but I could only imagine how terrible they must be – from both sides. I do wish that more people respected our vets and realize what they’ve given up for this country… πŸ™‚


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