I Watched You Grow

I watched you grow

so fast

so fast

And wondered

how I could stop time

Because I love you

too much

too much

To let you blossom

bigger than my arms

But you are

my sun

my sun

In the darkest of days

And you make me happy

all the seconds of every day.

Happy Birthday My Little One


{Linking up with Alison and Galit.}


24 thoughts on “I Watched You Grow

  1. …and yet stopping would be heartbreaking as well. I panic, my youngest (I have six) is 5 and I am trying to get in all the kisses he will allow (which is still quite a few – but my days are numbered!) I like the repetition of “too fast” “too much” and “my sun” … I hear a bit of mommy’s panic there and can relate πŸ™‚


  2. Your daughter is so beautiful as is you love of her.
    (I remember my youngest son, then aged six, ‘promising’ me he would grow no bigger/taller so I could hug him forever…of course he did and as an adult, he still loves a cuddle!)
    Anna :o]


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