Alphabet Poetry Series: “B is for Bench”

3 out of 4 seasons
It’s a nice place to be
A scenic spot
to finish a thought
And appreciate what I see

Spring’s a happy time
More people come by
To stop and chat
Over this, over that
Under the bluest sky

Summer’s not so bad
A tad too warm for me
But perfect for families
To picnic under trees
Have movie nights for free

Fall’s my favorite of all
It’s the best time for healing
The scent of the earth
Like a comforting hearth
I always feel like I’m dreaming

But Winter…
Oh, Winter!

Winter’s the devil
Come to take souls away
My bench transforms into
A concrete coffin of ice
And I count every day
And every minute, too
That I remain mostly alive.



4 thoughts on “Alphabet Poetry Series: “B is for Bench”

  1. I was expecting a different ending — but, that’s the point I gather, right? It’s so sad to see the homeless of this city gathered around the sewage grates because hot steam comes up from some of them. You’d think in such affluent countries as ours, no one would have this problem.


    • You know, that’s what I thought before I came to America. It never occurred to me that America would have any homeless people. I thought everything was white picket fences and green grass! LOL. Can you imagine how many others must think America is like a utopia?


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