At first glance, they look so beautiful and so perfect

And even after lingering for a while

They can still fool you

But look closely at their details

All you’ll find is fake-ness

Perfection is just a facade

Nothing in its beauty is real

It’s all for show

It has no life

Nothing but paper roses…


I Can’t

I wish I knew then what I know now.

This phrase keeps repeating in my mind

I’m not entirely sure why.

Perhaps I’m tired of this life

I’m tired of the daily grind

I’m hoping there’s something more for me

More I’ve yet to find

But I feel so guilty for being dissatisfied 

I’m supposed to be thankful for what I’ve got

But is it really so wrong to wish for something more

Something better that I haven’t got?

I don’t want money or fame

I just want to feel happy

And if you say happiness is up to us 

Then we just don’t agree

Most times, the people you’re with affect your happiness

And this is very true for me

I am not happy

And I for this I have no remedy

Because I can’t change the other person

It’s an impossibility

And I can’t say a word

And I have no allies

And I can’t leave the world




Know To Find

The ebbing and flowing of the tide
The coming and going of the time
The rising and setting of the sun
All these, in Love, you shall find
The brightness and darkness of the sky
The lightness and heaviness of a sigh
The happiness and sadness of a child
These too, in Love, you shall find
          Know how to trust
          Know how to forgive
          Know how to understand
          Know how to give
          Know how to be selfless
          Know how to be mild
          Know how to be patient
          Know how to be kind
Know all these, and Love, you shall find
~ 2001

A Response

When can we go to that silent planet
     and watch the sunset set the sky ablaze?
When can we be at that place?

When can we float on that sea of thoughts
     and count the stars that no lights dim?
When can we be there and dream?

When can we walk on the soft red slopes
     and sit on that soil of peace?
When can we be surrounded by its breeze?

I'll come with you, just tell me when
     and live with you (though we should die)
In the red sands of closeness, dear

Where we can hear our breathing rise amongst the stars

~ Christmas 2000