Alphabet Poetry Series: “H is for Heritage”

(Warning: Graphic images after the poem.)

no more dolphins
no more whales
no more eagles
only tales

no more trees
no more fresh air
no more fresh water
only litter

no more babies
no more daughters
no more prayers
only haters

this is the heritage
we leave behind
I’m so very sad
for humankind

Dolphins killed in Brazil.

Indonesia’s deforestation.

Forced abortion in China.

Forced abortion at 7 months. (China)



Alphabet Poetry Series: “G is for Gloss”

Lilet Poster White_site_905

she had a tendency to do that
in order to survive
not have to face the pain
to lose again

important matters brushed aside
what’s important anyway?
stuff happens no matter what
she hasn’t got time for that

it’s a talent, really
glossing over everything
invincible to consequence
at her children’s expense

someone has to reap
whatever she sows
even though her selfishness
has a gloss of loveliness

poor children
dear children
“trying to gloss away
the irrationalities
of the universe”

{Quote by Irwin Edman.}

The film “Lilet Never Happened” is a character driven story about Lilet, a maladjusted Filipino street-girl, struggling to survive on the streets of Manila. International social worker Claire tries to safe her but this hard headed, traumatized girl thinks she can take her life in her own hands. Though Lilet gets many opportunities to quit, she stubbornly chooses the hard way. The film is based on interviews with Lilet, a little girl, who became Manila’s most famous child prostitute.

Alphabet Poetry Series: “C is for Caricature”

I’m not perfect but
I’ve learned to accept me
And within my four walls
I’m quite happy

But outside the door
I’m a caricature
And the world laughs
To my displeasure

No thank you, sir
I’ll stay inside
Live in happiness
Forever hide.


News of the Day

Obamacare.  Shootings.  Mistresses.  Twerking.

So many things are on the news these days.  I get so tired of hearing about them.  Some matter and some don’t, I know.  But one news I read about today reminded me of something…

Day 2 of 2013 November PAD Challenge

News of the Day: India

…people got hit by a train today
after they stopped the one they were in
and attempted to get off onto
another track…

everyone in the world was buzzing the news
how tragic for those passengers
how unlucky

why didn’t anyone come when last week
my 5 year old friend was ran over
by a train too

maybe because people don’t really care
about squatters living by the train tracks
and the kids who play there

so we try to look out for each other
we know the schedules of each train
and how many cars long

our cardboard and tin houses shake
the babies don’t even cry anymore
we are used to trains

but I can’t get used to the accidents
to see my friends get squashed
i can’t sleep

I guess it’s not so bad though
better than living at the garbage dump
it’s cleaner here