Your Pretty Blue Eyes

Your pretty blue eyes
sparkle in the sun
And your waist length locks
flow around you when you run

Your voice so clear, I hear
up and down the hall
Bosoms just perfect
above a waist so small

Your complexion always
looks beautifully Photoshopped
And ten guys line up each time
your books, you’ve dropped

We all admire you from afar
and wish we could be you
After we talk about your fakeness
and secretly hate you

This poem is fictional – about how an unpopular group of girls might view the popular girl in school.  I’ve always thought it ironic how popular girls are envied and hated at the same time. Linking up at dVersePoets this evening.


23 thoughts on “Your Pretty Blue Eyes

  1. true that…extremely well looking people are often loved and envied at the same time.. sometimes the good looks makes it easier and sometimes more difficult for them.. in the long haul though it’s their character that will make the difference, no matter how good the look is..


  2. Ha. I know this feeling. Girs girls girls (well, not all) but I was one of those envious of the pretty girl and more than willing to find fault so that I can – ehem – feel not too insecure about myself. 🙂


  3. Having never been one of the beautiful people, nor of the in-crowd, I know the way jealousy can arise so easily in a person. Now, years after school, I wonder how hard it must have been to be beautiful, to be always looked at, lusted after etc and I’m glad that I’m plain and ordinary-looking.


  4. Reading this was nice, light entertainment. I liked the rhyming and the objective, it was kind of like a bad-ass, Slam-poetry-esque type of poem. I haven’t come across one in a while!


  5. I got blue eyes!!! And I’ve been told I have skin to die for. I was pretty popular in high school.

    It’s about me, isn’t it? LOL

    Well I do have blue eyes and take good care of my skin, but the reason I got popular in high school was because I told the mean popular girl off in front of everyone when she started making fun of someone. She made the poor girl cry and then was laughing at her.
    very cruel.
    she wasn’t laughing when I was done with her.


  6. I really love the way your poem moves. I have always been rather peculiar looking to be honest (certainly not a traditional beauty and never popular socially) but I remember in high school I had this one class and inexplicably all the guys liked me they even had a schedule on who could sit with me and which day (it made no sense to me whatever) but I can say I was not popular with the girls in that class. One of them asked me why the guys liked me since I obviously wasn’t slutty and I just did not know one of the guys answered instead. They said it was because I was just myself, no games. It was truly bizarre I think at some point we all invoke envy, because everyone has something special.


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