Why can’t I remember the way you smelled

the way you felt, the things you said

the day that grandpa died

When you held me to you

The only hug I can salvage from my past?


Why can’t I remember what you said the first day of kindergarten

When I slapped the teacher’s face

and squirmed out of her arms

Like a bar of wailing, wet soap slipping down the street ?


Why don’t I know how you felt those many years I left you longing for your son

In the silent house, that empty room,

With your restless maternal hands

Grasping at the ghosts in my room?


Why can’t I remember what you said that final Sunday

When your voice scratched across the miles

A phone line heavy with forgotten words

In a moment that will never be again?


Why can’t I remember?


Through You, I Dream

Through you, I dream

Of someday playing for a concerto
And receiving a standing ovation
So practice on the piano, my dear
And realize my dream

Of someday beating up bad guys
With my martial arts skills
So practice your Tae Kwon Do, my dear
And realize my dream

Of someday traveling the world
And instagramming every place I go
So get a high-paying degree, my dear
And realize my dream

Of someday having a life well-lived
With sweet memories upon my deathbed
So continue growing, blooming, and becoming a beautiful person, my dear
And realize my dream

Alphabet Poetry Series: L is for Legacy

Heart Disease

white rice
pig skin
* bagoong
condensed milk
brown sugar
soy sauce
coconut milk

What delicacies!
What a legacy!

Alphabet Poetry Series: “H is for Heritage”

(Warning: Graphic images after the poem.)

no more dolphins
no more whales
no more eagles
only tales

no more trees
no more fresh air
no more fresh water
only litter

no more babies
no more daughters
no more prayers
only haters

this is the heritage
we leave behind
I’m so very sad
for humankind

Dolphins killed in Brazil.

Indonesia’s deforestation.

Forced abortion in China.

Forced abortion at 7 months. (China)