Alphabet Poetry Series: “H is for Heritage”

(Warning: Graphic images after the poem.)

no more dolphins
no more whales
no more eagles
only tales

no more trees
no more fresh air
no more fresh water
only litter

no more babies
no more daughters
no more prayers
only haters

this is the heritage
we leave behind
I’m so very sad
for humankind

Dolphins killed in Brazil.

Indonesia’s deforestation.

Forced abortion in China.

Forced abortion at 7 months. (China)



The Sparrow



Upon my head
Drown my thought
Wash my sorrow
Water this drought
Until tomorrow

When I can
Get up again

See the sparrow
Without a doubt
Stand on the barrow
And sing out
Wings and heart out spread



Just A Little Rain

Photo by Alicia Ann @

And the days aren’t always sunny

because we all need a little rain

to wash the mudstreaks from our face

and alleviate the pain

it gives a chance for us to cry

without anyone noticing

tears rush out like rain drops

and join the chorus of water falling

our vision becomes a blur

and we feel stuck in a mud flow

but then we remember

rain makes the flowers grow

it’s just a little rain

this is not the end

hold your head up high

spring will come again.

The Nighttime Dilemma

When daytime things go to rest
And this part of the world seems at ease
The nighttime things come to be

The crickets gently chirp an inviting tune
And I can hear the breeze through the trees
When daytime things cease to be

A diamond-filled black satin sky
Invite the moon to shine so beautifully
As the nighttime things come to be

I know I should be slumbering soon
And join the chorus ever dutifully
When daytime things cease to be

But the night is tugging at my heart
To step out into the adventurous dark
While the nighttime things come to be

So my dilemma comes ’round again
When daytime things cease to be
Should I sleep or dance along
As the nighttime things come to be