I hear there’s a kind of human being
that appears to be, but isn’t
I think they call it a “human doing”
An unnatural twittering thing that lives to act
They say this juggernaut of motion
is addicted to a succession of multi-tasks
so that it doesn’t sleep and eats only to feel alive, with infinite thumbing of keys and characters, a parade of digital doings, on virtual spaces and books with faces
The other day I chanced upon this human doing
Staring at me with eyes (that looming with discontent)
Reached out from darkness in the bathroom mirror
And was forced to see, to listen, to be


Cold Autumn Days

autumn forest river

there was a time when on cold autumn days
i would walk on fallen leaves
feel the chilly wind caress my hair
and stroll until comes the eve’

maybe sit a while to listen to a brook
draw a sketch or two or three
marvel at the vastness of the skies
and wonder what life held for me

still i long for days like that
a life with the slowest pace
the gentlest of times
as delicate as lace

Through You, I Dream

Through you, I dream

Of someday playing for a concerto
And receiving a standing ovation
So practice on the piano, my dear
And realize my dream

Of someday beating up bad guys
With my martial arts skills
So practice your Tae Kwon Do, my dear
And realize my dream

Of someday traveling the world
And instagramming every place I go
So get a high-paying degree, my dear
And realize my dream

Of someday having a life well-lived
With sweet memories upon my deathbed
So continue growing, blooming, and becoming a beautiful person, my dear
And realize my dream

Alphabet Poetry Series: “M is for March”

Go, go
Go with the beat

Up, up
Up on your feet

Left, left
Left, right, left

March, march
March to your fall

Hear, hear
Hear the devil’s call

Left, left
Left, right, left

Step, step
Step closer to death

Hold, hold
Hold your last breath

Left, left
Left, right, left

Look, look
Look straight ahead

Go, go
Go with the dead.