the Actress and the Actor

 The actress here,

The actress there,

Playing her part in the play.


Her voice,

Sometimes soft,

Sometimes loud and clear,


The actress in her dress,

Ever flowing,

Following the wind,

Wherever it’s going,


Says an actor,

So gallantly.

But the actress out acts him,


Not to be outsmarted,

The actor he,

Playing a knight,

In a noble play,

And he parried,

And he thrust,

And he sidestepped too,


The actress,

So fair,

Playing a maiden.

In a fanciful play,

She danced,

And she sang,

She cried,

And she rejoiced,


Once again,

They took part in a play,

Not noble,

Not fanciful,

Not both.


For once they settled their differences,

And played together,

In the play,

They outsmarted,


And have outdone,

Just by,

All who went in their way.

Playing their parts together,

The actress AND the actor


The Last Dance

One, two, three,  four
One,  two, three, four

Waltzing ‘cross the floor
Moving t’wards the door

Five, six, seven, eight
A heav’nly carriage waits

Eight, seven, six, five
I feel so alive

Four, three, two, one
Four, three, two, one

Alas, my life is done!

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