If Only

If only you would,

say you remember me.

Cause I’ve waited for you

since the day you left me.

I’m waiting,

in the room that was ours.

In this room,

I wait.

Devoid of hope,

and love,

and cheer,


I wait for you,

my dear.

Every day I hear the door,

I run,

and throw my arms out wide,

hoping to see you…

But you’re never there.

In this world of ours,

so harsh and hostile,

I wait for you.

if only,

you’d wait for me.


Wheel Me In

I don’t know where I’m heading
Someone else take the wheel
My mind is too distracted
To know what my heart feels


Turn, wheel, turn
With each rotation do
Make the time fly by

Clockwise, on and on
And we grow older everyday
Forgetting all of life’s strife

Turn, wheel, turn
Until it’s time to stop
When I’ve reached my destiny; eternity

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