Sweet Slumber

You know what can make you think about sleep?
When you’re totally sleepy but aren’t allowed to sleep!
I wrote this poem in the lunch room of a hospital I worked in.
The bad part was that I was on night shift and was having the hardest time staying awake!
Thank goodness a beeper was attached to me and sounded off loudly whenever I was needed. Otherwise, I probably would have fallen asleep on the job. ๐Ÿ˜›

Sweet Slumber

What dreaded thing you are
that comes when not needed
and arrives when not wanted!
How dare you come to me now
when itโ€™s your opposite I asked for
and your other that I longed for?

Where were you when I did call you out
I yelled without shame
and whispered your name?
Why do you still come to me
and make me feel weary
and quite frankly a bit dreary?

Fine, I give up! I succumb to your calling!
Lay down now my tired head
and my tired body on your soft bed!
I now accept you wholeheartedly
for I can resist you no longer!
So come to me fast, oh sweet slumber!



Day 14 of 2012 November PAD challenge.


I’ve been here for an eternity
Practically since I was born
I sleep and I wake here
Every night and morn

These white bars surround me
Even in my dreams
I think I’ll be here forever
At least, that’s how it seems

Although it’s quite comfortable too
I sometimes feel lonely here
Because everyone always leaves me
When I’m inside, they all disappear

I cry and laugh
I squeal and wail
I babble on and on
All to no avail

I am stuck here in this crib
Too little to climb out
I just can’t liberate myself
Growing up is the only way out!

“A Letter And A Recipe”

Day 13 of 2012 November PAD challenge.

“Mom’s” Recipe

Dear Children,

1 mommy is all I am
2 hands have I got
1 pound-ing headache and
3 cups of coffee from the pot

Mix in some sore muscles.
Sprinkle a dose of vertigo.
Let me sit aside to cool
for half an hour or so…
Before you shake ‘n bake me
and me hot-headed again.

*And a little tip for you:
If you want to really enjoy me
Sweeten me up with chocolate truffles,
a dozen white roses,
and a quarter slice of cheesecake.

Satisfaction guaranteed!


“Foreign Word”

Day 10 of 2012 November PAD challenge.

I am fluent in both English and Tagalog. I can read and write in both.

I’ve also taken French and Spanish classes. I barely remember French; I only know those Spanish words which Tagalog originated from.

But there’s one language I’ve been taking for 2 years now. Six years ago, I took it for 2 years also. Next year, I will take it again for another 2 years…

That will be a total of 6 years…and still…I can’t decipher it!

Foreign Word

You sure talk funny
with your squeals and babbling
I wonder what you feel
and what you’re thinking

You have your own language
though sometimes I understand you
It’s hard to decipher your words
So I just look at what you do

There’s really no way of figuring out
Exactly what you are
Toddler… what a foreign word,
and a beautiful star!