10 Years

Happy Ever After
Are not the words for us
Because our story has no end
We began 10 years ago
Now 3 kids, no dogs
Tomorrow, who knows?
Our love continues to grow
The road will bend
And there’ll be tears
Sometimes even fears
But we’ll move on
Past the sorrows
And love more carefully
10 years is so short
Let’s live 100 times more
Because, I guess, I really do
Want to live
Happy ever after.Happy 10th Anniversary to my love!


Just A Little Rain

Photo by Alicia Ann @ ProjectAlicia.com

And the days aren’t always sunny

because we all need a little rain

to wash the mudstreaks from our face

and alleviate the pain

it gives a chance for us to cry

without anyone noticing

tears rush out like rain drops

and join the chorus of water falling

our vision becomes a blur

and we feel stuck in a mud flow

but then we remember

rain makes the flowers grow

it’s just a little rain

this is not the end

hold your head up high

spring will come again.