10 Years

Happy Ever After
Are not the words for us
Because our story has no end
We began 10 years ago
Now 3 kids, no dogs
Tomorrow, who knows?
Our love continues to grow
The road will bend
And there’ll be tears
Sometimes even fears
But we’ll move on
Past the sorrows
And love more carefully
10 years is so short
Let’s live 100 times more
Because, I guess, I really do
Want to live
Happy ever after.Happy 10th Anniversary to my love!

The Truth About Perfect Love

Day 24:Take the phrase “The Truth About (blank),” replace the blank with a new word or phrase…

**Disclaimer (so my husband doesn’t disown me): I wrote this 12 years ago.**

Perfect Love

There is no perfect love
once I was told
So my hopes and dreams
I should cease to hold
My way of thinking
is absolutely wrong
Hence any of my relationships
won’t ever last long
Foolish and gullible
that’s how they describe me
Being manipulated by people
so the truth I can’t see
It’s only really about
taking care of each other
They say that’s what people should do
when they are together
Passion and love
only comes in the beginning
It doesn’t last forever
Oh, what was I thinking?
I should stop my worthless search
and accept reality
There is no perfect love
There is only responsibility.

marriage vs phd

And Life Would Feel Hollow

Day 16’s challenge is from Robert: Use the last line of yesterday’s poem for the first line of today’s poem.

“…and life would feel hollow.”

And life would feel hollow
as the earth without a core
And my heart would be lost
Like an ocean looking for shore

And my mind might be lose itself
as a sailor without direction
And my mouth never again speak
like a note without composition

Fill my life with happiness
Give my heart a home
And I’ll love you forevermore

Steady my restless mind
Let me sing your praise
And I’ll give you my decision…

I do.