I Watched You Grow

I watched you grow

so fast

so fast

And wondered

how I could stop time

Because I love you

too much

too much

To let you blossom

bigger than my arms

But you are

my sun

my sun

In the darkest of days

And you make me happy

all the seconds of every day.

Happy Birthday My Little One


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Dedicated to my 3 beautiful kids!


I waited so long to see you
and imagined your beautiful
face a million times plus one

I went through numerous lists
to find out what to call you
when the waiting’s finally done

I thought of a thousand things
that could go wrong
and keep us apart forever

I dreamnt a hundred dreams
where we danced
and sung lullabyes ever after

I labored to bring you into this world
so I could hold you dear

You gave me strength to push on
and persevere

Then we met
and the universe cheered…

Workplace Adversity

Sometimes I feel like I have the hardest job in the world!  However, the good news is that I’m not alone.  Apparently, there’s a boatload of others floating in the same sea with me!

Workplace Adversity

Some days I get no respect
And my words go unheard
No one gives me praises
And my requests are oft thought absurd

I can’t claim any sick days
I get no paycheck bonuses
I make my own coffee
And wash everyone’s dishes

I’m on call 24/7
And I can’t even pee
Without someone looking
Or calling for me

My job is to stay at home
My boss is my family
Although the work is very hard
Nowhere else I’d rather be

I get paid with hugs and kisses
I hear laughter all day
I know I make a difference here
Would I quit this job? No way!

How To Be A Mother

I don’t think I could’ve written this one without experience. 🙂

Day 17 of the challenge comes from Maxie Steer: Take the phrase “How to (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

“How To Be A Mother”

Say goodbye to sleep
Erase those Friday nights
Put away the skinny jeans
Get up at first light

Trade your heels for flats
Have baby wipes at hand
Turn your coupe into a van
Carry a bigger purse around

Develop selective hearing
Be late everywhere you go
No more spontaneous trips
Use Netflix for all your shows

Start your own blog
Unload all that stress
Search through the blogosphere
To make sense of your mess

Realize you’re not alone
There are others in your boat too
Learn from your (and their) mistakes
And find the purpose for “you”

See motherhood in a whole new light
Change the direction you’re heading
Make room for others in your life
Cheer up and start living

Stop whining for what you’ve lost
You’ve gained so much more
Join the laughter of your children
Leave your baggage at the door

Share in the innocence of young hearts
Learn to see wonder in simple things
Be thankful for each moment lived
Be grateful for everything

Always carry a song
Give lots of hugs and kisses
Be ready to wipe some teardrops
And DO keep your promises!

Image (C) Alicia Ann Photography / www.ProjectAlicia.com