Water Drop

A dew!
A dew!
I noticed a dew
forming on a leaf
this morning.
I looked from the bottom,
it’s color was blue.
I looked from the top,
it’s color was green.
Then against the sun I saw
inside it held a rainbow.
I breathed too close
and it slid.
The leaf bent just a little
to let it glide.
For a second it held on
to the tip of the leaf
It splashed to the ground.

“Just Beneath”

Day 4 of this challenge and I’d like to reminisce a little…

Marie’s prompt is: Take the phrase “Just Beneath (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write the poem.  Possible titles include “Just Beneath My Feet,” “Just Beneath This City,” or “Just Beneath the Surface.”

“Just Beneath”

Just beneath the sky
there’s a place I know
where dragonflies hover about
and kites soar high
above the fields of corn and wheat

In this place I hold dear
the neighbors’ houses are far
across the fields and bridge
while people’s hearts are near
and true friends are real

I miss this sanctuary
my home and my playground
my childhood palace of dreams
where the days are warm and breezy
and the nights are mysteriously cool

I long to hear the raindrops fall
gently on the leaves once more
and I want to breathe in
the fresh-wet earth and all
the sweet mountain air

I hope someday I will find
myself underneath that same sky
where my heart still lives
and longs for that kind
of simple life.