I wait for my turn…
as I hear my brothers shout before me
to proclaim a new beginning
to light a new way
When my turn comes
I will burst forth from these walls
I will scream the loudest of all
and everyone will love me the most
They will ooh and ahh
and clap for me
I will be in pictures and forevermore
My blast will be felt by the smallest child
And I will make everyone happy
I am a firework
It is my turn…






Before the New Year, I Find Myself

Who Am I?

I feel … overwhelmed by life

I trust … I’ll somehow be a good wife

I hear … the sounds of children laughing

I understand … that moment are always fleeting

I worry … that we will never have enough money

I’m glad … though we’re “poor” we are happy

I want … my children to be kind to each other

I don’t want … others to feel I’m a bother

I’m sad … that the world is a much harsher place

I dream … of someday floating in space

Who Am I?

I am … wife, mother, daughter, friend

I like … stories that are happy in the end

I hope … I’ll die peacefully in my bed

I dislike … peanut butter on my bread

I admire … St. Therese, the Little Flower

I fear … over temptations, I have weak power

I need … God to always show me the way

I know … it’s my choice to have a bad or good day

I wish … I had a butler, a maid, and a chauffer

I wonder … what sacrifice for today I should offer

Who Am I?

I’m happy … my husband has a job that provides for us all

I pretend … I need something so I can go to the mall

I try … to clean but I can never keep up

I read … so much that at night, it keeps me up

I’m sorry … I don’t say I love you enough

I wear … purses filled with too much stuff

I play … video games when I don’t want to think

I’m angry … at people who drive after they drink

I’m relieved … everyday that my parents are still alive

I love … that I have a family of five!