News of the Day

Obamacare.  Shootings.  Mistresses.  Twerking.

So many things are on the news these days.  I get so tired of hearing about them.  Some matter and some don’t, I know.  But one news I read about today reminded me of something…

Day 2 of 2013 November PAD Challenge

News of the Day: India

…people got hit by a train today
after they stopped the one they were in
and attempted to get off onto
another track…

everyone in the world was buzzing the news
how tragic for those passengers
how unlucky

why didn’t anyone come when last week
my 5 year old friend was ran over
by a train too

maybe because people don’t really care
about squatters living by the train tracks
and the kids who play there

so we try to look out for each other
we know the schedules of each train
and how many cars long

our cardboard and tin houses shake
the babies don’t even cry anymore
we are used to trains

but I can’t get used to the accidents
to see my friends get squashed
i can’t sleep

I guess it’s not so bad though
better than living at the garbage dump
it’s cleaner here



It’s been a long hiatus, but I’m back.  Slow to start, but at least I started.

I’ve decided to have a theme for this year’s poem-a-day challenge.  It’s going to be Orphans and Street Children. I’m not quite sure yet why, but I feel inspired to do so.

So get your tissues out.  I suspect that this month’s poetry, at least here, will be quite a tear jerker.

Day 1 of the 2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge

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Outside –
laughing, giggling
skipping with joy
playing with other
little girls and boys

Inside –
crying, praying
dying in sorrow
trying to live
for another tomorrow

Outside –
dirty, smelly
sick with hunger
waiting for rain
to take a shower

Inside –
wishing, hoping
thinking most of
their yearning for
parents to love