I Give Up

The part where my heart is breaking
Is the part I can’t endure
I give up on this broken love
I want to stop the pain
There is no happy ever after
Just memories of what could’ve been
Because the future isn’t meant
For the two of us to share
To the sweet or bitter end


I Am Near


Photo By @ProjectAlicia / Alicia Ann Photography

I Am Near

Our distance

though as immeasurable

as the vastness

of the sea

Is really closer than

two specks of sand

side by side

on the beach

For we are connected

by Love

A force greater than

the raging tide

more powerful

than time

and can leap over

thousands of miles

with but a

single beat




The Truth About Perfect Love

Day 24:Take the phrase “The Truth About (blank),” replace the blank with a new word or phrase…

**Disclaimer (so my husband doesn’t disown me): I wrote this 12 years ago.**

Perfect Love

There is no perfect love
once I was told
So my hopes and dreams
I should cease to hold
My way of thinking
is absolutely wrong
Hence any of my relationships
won’t ever last long
Foolish and gullible
that’s how they describe me
Being manipulated by people
so the truth I can’t see
It’s only really about
taking care of each other
They say that’s what people should do
when they are together
Passion and love
only comes in the beginning
It doesn’t last forever
Oh, what was I thinking?
I should stop my worthless search
and accept reality
There is no perfect love
There is only responsibility.

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