Back in the Philippines, it is very common to see a security guard standing outside the doors of malls, stores, and restaurants.  They open and close the doors for customers.  But more importantly, they keep both suspicious characters and homeless people out.  It’s all about images in the business, you know.


oh my asthma
so much air pollution
why can’t I work inside
open, close
infernal doors!
am I Saint Peter?
and those pesky rats
always trying to sneak in
filthy and stinky
bothersome pests
ruining the image
of our prestigious store
a new group
every night
they pick this spot
a sleeping swarm
every morning
I wake them up
and shoo!
get out of here!
the store is opening!
oh my asthma
why do I work here?

With no home or parental care, street children sleep together for warmth and protection. © 2005 Marcus Bleasdale

With no home or parental care, street children sleep together for warmth and protection.
© 2005 Marcus Bleasdale

Day 6 of 2013 November PAD challenge.


One Good Piece of Sheet

If you haven’t personally seen them on the streets, consider yourself lucky.

Because to see one of these is truly heartbreaking.

Day 4 of 2013 November PAD challenge.


One Good Piece of Sheet

That’s all I ask

Wide enough
To lay on the cold ground
And wrap around
My front and back

Long enough
To pull up over my head
Without exposing my feet
To the freezing night’s air

Thick enough
To withstand a deluge
And keep the chills
Off my skin

Strong enough
To use until
The good earth becomes
My one good piece of sheet

At last…


The Nighttime Dilemma

When daytime things go to rest
And this part of the world seems at ease
The nighttime things come to be

The crickets gently chirp an inviting tune
And I can hear the breeze through the trees
When daytime things cease to be

A diamond-filled black satin sky
Invite the moon to shine so beautifully
As the nighttime things come to be

I know I should be slumbering soon
And join the chorus ever dutifully
When daytime things cease to be

But the night is tugging at my heart
To step out into the adventurous dark
While the nighttime things come to be

So my dilemma comes ’round again
When daytime things cease to be
Should I sleep or dance along
As the nighttime things come to be

Sweet Slumber

You know what can make you think about sleep?
When you’re totally sleepy but aren’t allowed to sleep!
I wrote this poem in the lunch room of a hospital I worked in.
The bad part was that I was on night shift and was having the hardest time staying awake!
Thank goodness a beeper was attached to me and sounded off loudly whenever I was needed. Otherwise, I probably would have fallen asleep on the job. 😛

Sweet Slumber

What dreaded thing you are
that comes when not needed
and arrives when not wanted!
How dare you come to me now
when it’s your opposite I asked for
and your other that I longed for?

Where were you when I did call you out
I yelled without shame
and whispered your name?
Why do you still come to me
and make me feel weary
and quite frankly a bit dreary?

Fine, I give up! I succumb to your calling!
Lay down now my tired head
and my tired body on your soft bed!
I now accept you wholeheartedly
for I can resist you no longer!
So come to me fast, oh sweet slumber!