Alphabet Poetry Series: L is for Legacy

Heart Disease

white rice
pig skin
* bagoong
condensed milk
brown sugar
soy sauce
coconut milk

What delicacies!
What a legacy!

Alphabet Poetry Series: K is for Keeper

there was never a doubt in my mind
that we are all here for a reason
but even if we know it or not
we hope to last more than a season

and we live so recklessly today
that we forget about tomorrow
and we hold on to happier times
so we don’t have to face the sorrows

but we have no control over life
no, not of our own’s or another’s
all we can do is beg for more time
hope against all odds for a keeper

please, let her stay
please, let her stay

I’m not ready for her to go away
let me keep her another million days