Alphabet Poetry Series: “E is for E-Mail”

It used to be so gratifying
to hear that ding
I always had the volume up
so I wouldn’t miss a thing

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

I felt so important
that someone sent me an email
I’d rush to my computer
like it was the Holy Grail

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

After school it was
the first thing I’d go see
The sound of the modem connecting
was happy music to me

(Notification sound)

Now there’s only a sound
and it happens every minute
I’ve learned to wait a while
and choose to ignore it

(Notification sound)

I’m not that important
just a bunch of junk mail
I miss the days when people
used to use Postal Mail



“Technology (Uninvented)”

Day 12 of 2012 November PAD challenge.

A Pair of New Technology”

It would be grand indeed
if I invented a
war-ending machine
That would make all
kinds of weapons disappear
Put everyone on the same side
Stand people on equal ground
Let every person be heard
And all misunderstandings understood

It would be wonderful too
if I invented a
hunger-ending machine
That would make all
kinds of delicious food appear
Give everyone daily meals (with sides!)
No more standing in line for a grain of rice
Let every person be fed
And all thirst quenched

I would love to invent these two things
I really would, if I could, but I can’t
So I guess we’ll just have to keep praying
for wars and hunger to end.

“Text Message”

It’s a text messaging world we live in nowadays.  Admit it.  We hardly call people anymore.  We send text messages instead.

And we don’t like to answer phone calls as much either.  We’d rather they send a message for us to read at a more convenient time.

I’m willing to bet, too, that probably close to 100% of us texters have sent a message in the car.  No need to fess up, just as long as you’re aware now.  And promise that before you touch that phone, you will pull over!

Day 5’s prompt comes from Amanda Laughtland.

Here’s Amanda’s prompt: Write a text message poem. Compose a poem in several short sections inspired by the compression of text messages. The poem might have one speaker or many speakers.

“Text Message”

don’t do it
it’s not worth it
it can wait
your hands are busy
and so is your brain

don’t do it
lives are at stake
you are important
so are they
control yourself

that text message
won’t go anywhere
you are driving
it will wait


"Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks." Texting While Driving Prevention

Distracted driving, including texting while driving, is the number one killer of American teens. Please share this infographic to educate the young adults in your life about this dangerous habit.