Cold Autumn Days

autumn forest river

there was a time when on cold autumn days
i would walk on fallen leaves
feel the chilly wind caress my hair
and stroll until comes the eve’

maybe sit a while to listen to a brook
draw a sketch or two or three
marvel at the vastness of the skies
and wonder what life held for me

still i long for days like that
a life with the slowest pace
the gentlest of times
as delicate as lace


Alphabet Poetry Series: “F is for Float”

There was a song
only we could hear
would call to us
in whispers
and wind

And we’d float
on riversong
heart beating

But we fell
and we lost
pushed down
by the

And bits and pieces
not enough whole
to stay afloat
on our

The water
carried you away
and the dream
is all
I have

I Watched You Grow

I watched you grow

so fast

so fast

And wondered

how I could stop time

Because I love you

too much

too much

To let you blossom

bigger than my arms

But you are

my sun

my sun

In the darkest of days

And you make me happy

all the seconds of every day.

Happy Birthday My Little One


{Linking up with Alison and Galit.}


My life is a book
A chapter for each significant time
The cover is a tad bit worn
But my story’s worth more than a dime

I devour every page
And I savour every line
I go through chapters slowly
Knowing it’s all mine

Sometimes I lose a page or two
I can’t remember the past
And I try not to skip ahead
To try and make my book last

There is an end, I know
Getting closer by the minute
So I love every chapter
While I’m still livin’ in it!

Poetic Asides: Wednesday Poetry Prompts #218