“Foreign Word”

Day 10 of 2012 November PAD challenge.

I am fluent in both English and Tagalog. I can read and write in both.

I’ve also taken French and Spanish classes. I barely remember French; I only know those Spanish words which Tagalog originated from.

But there’s one language I’ve been taking for 2 years now. Six years ago, I took it for 2 years also. Next year, I will take it again for another 2 years…

That will be a total of 6 years…and still…I can’t decipher it!

Foreign Word

You sure talk funny
with your squeals and babbling
I wonder what you feel
and what you’re thinking

You have your own language
though sometimes I understand you
It’s hard to decipher your words
So I just look at what you do

There’s really no way of figuring out
Exactly what you are
Toddler… what a foreign word,
and a beautiful star!