Alphabet Poetry Series: “I is for Inspire”

{This poem is also “inspired” by today’s prompt on dVerse: “on the other hand.”}

people look for leaders
even unintentionally
and some leaders lead
with a heavy hand
and some laissez-faire
and no one stops
to think about
where these leaders
get their ideas

or maybe they know
that’s why they follow

It’s from the Good Book
you see
though it’s a matter
of interpretation
who’s really the

There is a leader
inspired by the Holy Spirit
and leads his flock
on a humble path
on faith
on hope
on love

on the other hand

There is a leader
inspired by his god
and leads his pack
on a prideful path
on mistrust
on despair
on hate

so sad
some people don’t see
the other side


“Technology (Uninvented)”

Day 12 of 2012 November PAD challenge.

A Pair of New Technology”

It would be grand indeed
if I invented a
war-ending machine
That would make all
kinds of weapons disappear
Put everyone on the same side
Stand people on equal ground
Let every person be heard
And all misunderstandings understood

It would be wonderful too
if I invented a
hunger-ending machine
That would make all
kinds of delicious food appear
Give everyone daily meals (with sides!)
No more standing in line for a grain of rice
Let every person be fed
And all thirst quenched

I would love to invent these two things
I really would, if I could, but I can’t
So I guess we’ll just have to keep praying
for wars and hunger to end.

“The Veteran”

Day 11 of 2012 November PAD challenge.

For this post, I was sort of inspired after watching an episode of “Jericho” on Netflix. 😉

Don’t Tread On Me”

Don’t tread on me
I’m more than you see

This eyesight that is almost gone
Have seen countless red dawns

My shaking, aching hands
Have protected your precious lands

This bent and broken back
Endured sleeping in frozen shacks

My tired and swollen feet
Never settled for defeat

The scars all over my body
Souvenirs of battles that are bloody

My mind that screams in the night
Organized many victorious fights

Don’t tread on me
I’m more than you see

I’m why you’re free…

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