Halfway in through the challenge of the month.  Whoohoo!

Jared’s prompt: Write a tradeoff poem. Could be an exchange, forfeit, or swap.


And then there are days when I wish it was different
and I wasn’t here at all
instead I’d be wherever I desired to go
and still be out after nightfall.

I see a woman in a magazine
parading the latest trend
and I’d wish I had a wardrobe like that
for parties every weekend.

Then I turn on the tube
and turn to the travel channels
so I could dream about a vacation
where I sit around eating truffles.

A tradeoff with an heiress
would definitely be nice
so I’d have time and money
– do everything twice!

But then my heart starts to wake up
with the sound of little voices coming down the hall
whose hearts are innocent and big
though their statures are small.

Ah, my children, my children,
how can I exchange a life without you?
With your mile-wide smiles,
how can say adieu?

I forfeit night outings,
dressing in fine clothing,
eating decadent truffles,
and traveling.

I wouldn’t ever swap places with anyone else
I would miss you all terribly so
My heart would ache from longing for you
and life would feel hollow.