Workplace Adversity

Sometimes I feel like I have the hardest job in the world!  However, the good news is that I’m not alone.  Apparently, there’s a boatload of others floating in the same sea with me!

Workplace Adversity

Some days I get no respect
And my words go unheard
No one gives me praises
And my requests are oft thought absurd

I can’t claim any sick days
I get no paycheck bonuses
I make my own coffee
And wash everyone’s dishes

I’m on call 24/7
And I can’t even pee
Without someone looking
Or calling for me

My job is to stay at home
My boss is my family
Although the work is very hard
Nowhere else I’d rather be

I get paid with hugs and kisses
I hear laughter all day
I know I make a difference here
Would I quit this job? No way!


Sweet Slumber

You know what can make you think about sleep?
When you’re totally sleepy but aren’t allowed to sleep!
I wrote this poem in the lunch room of a hospital I worked in.
The bad part was that I was on night shift and was having the hardest time staying awake!
Thank goodness a beeper was attached to me and sounded off loudly whenever I was needed. Otherwise, I probably would have fallen asleep on the job. 😛

Sweet Slumber

What dreaded thing you are
that comes when not needed
and arrives when not wanted!
How dare you come to me now
when it’s your opposite I asked for
and your other that I longed for?

Where were you when I did call you out
I yelled without shame
and whispered your name?
Why do you still come to me
and make me feel weary
and quite frankly a bit dreary?

Fine, I give up! I succumb to your calling!
Lay down now my tired head
and my tired body on your soft bed!
I now accept you wholeheartedly
for I can resist you no longer!
So come to me fast, oh sweet slumber!