First, my baby was sick for a week.  Then my toddler was sick the next week.  Now my husband is sick – hopefully he will recover faster than the other two.  Also, I hope my eldest doesn’t get whatever’s making its rounds around here…


I am out of energy
Someone throw me a line
I need some more coffee
Or a new bottle of wine

There must be an end to this
I just have to persevere
I need to stay awake
And keep my coffee mug near

The flu or the cold
I don’t care what’s its name
It needs to go away now
I’m done playing its game

I’d like our lives to be back to normal
For sleep to be uninterrupted
For temperatures at 98.6 or so
And for food to be un-vomited

Tweet me some well wishes
Or send me the cure in the mail
Or FedEx a new pack of coffee
Because I’m feeling rather frail

I need me some more energy
To last this third round
Tell me, my dear friends
Where can it be found?!


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