Conceal / Unconceal

In the city of Manila, I remember always seeing kids go from car to tourists to jeepneys and people coming out of churches with strings of Sampaguitas in their little hands.  As a kid, sometimes it made me scared to talk to them.  Other times, I wished I had money so I could buy some from them – at the very least, because I loved the smell of those tiny, white, fragrant flowers…

Day 5 of 2013 November PAD challenge.

Conceal / Unconceal

sampaguita girl

Ma’am, please buy some flowers
They’re lovely, you see?
And smell them!
They smell like heaven!
Even one would be good
My mom, you see
She’s terribly sick
And my dad has run away
My little brother right here
Hasn’t eaten for days
And my baby sister
is in need of milk
You’ll buy them all?
Thank you, Ma’am!
God bless you, Ma’am!
My family thanks you, Ma’am!

one peso…
five pesos…
ten pesos…
twenty pesos…

Here you go, Boss!
I did good today, right?
Can I have my dinner now please?
And can I play after that?
Thanks, Boss!
I’ll be good tomorrow too
Just wait and see
And you won’t even have to beat me
I’ll meet my quota
And maybe more
Just please
Don’t beat me
Don’t beat me



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