Writing Mood

Why does writing sometimes depend on one’s mood?
I’d surely like to write everyday
but I’m not a happy everyday person.
And even on those gloomy days
that might inspire soul-reaching verses,
the passion flits away
like a moth who lost sight
of the light.

Is there a trick or a shortcut?
I’d love to fill my pages
every time my hands begin itching
to reach for the pen.
There must be a wellspring somewhere
for writers like me –
to draw out some want,
some motivation
to dirty a blank slate.

I have the heart of a writer,
but my hands are too attached
to my brain.
I need a machine to feed me
the words I need to create
the pages I want to read.

Where’s my machine?


4 thoughts on “Writing Mood

  1. I definitely find that getting in the habit of writing every day helps. even if it’s just a couple of lines I scribble on a note pad – I get it out – file it away, and eventually it becomes something. I also become more of an observer of the world than a participant sometimes. I have to sit back and soak in and reflect — which in the thick of motherhood is definitely a challenge! my new photography hobby helps a lot — a single image can inspire a haiku, and if that’s all I do – I still did something. I created a Tumblr for moments like that. I don’t feel pressure to always post there, like on my blog. Just whenever inspiration does strike. Whereas my blog, I consider the daily practice and habit of writing.


  2. I think, sometimes the daily grind gets so busy that even if we want to we just can’t… write, or do any of the other million things that get put on the back burner! Hang in there, it will come… đŸ™‚


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