A Student’s Wait

(read without stopping for breath)

gazing into space
waiting for time
to pass by
the feeling of
anxiety from this
long frustrating wait
the inside of
me is slowly
bursting out of
visions of the
future creep into
my head and
the dream strove
for is drifting
away from any
the sky grows
dim with my
thundering heart just
endlessly thinking of
consequences and choices
that must be
and over the
fear there lies
the courage to
out of uneasiness
comes millions of
thoughts streaming in
wishing that soon
it would finally
arrive and come
the news of
rejection or acceptance
will determine my
for the grade
that would not
come tears me

~Summer 2000, college

in dedication to all students, as the school year draws closer to the end

One thought on “A Student’s Wait

  1. I did read it without a breath! And by the end I could totally remember feeling this way in University. Those last few moments when you are sitting in your chair, paper face down in front of you, chewing the tip of your pencil… ugh, just start already!!!


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