It’s been a long hiatus, but I’m back.  Slow to start, but at least I started.

I’ve decided to have a theme for this year’s poem-a-day challenge.  It’s going to be Orphans and Street Children. I’m not quite sure yet why, but I feel inspired to do so.

So get your tissues out.  I suspect that this month’s poetry, at least here, will be quite a tear jerker.

Day 1 of the 2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge

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Outside –
laughing, giggling
skipping with joy
playing with other
little girls and boys

Inside –
crying, praying
dying in sorrow
trying to live
for another tomorrow

Outside –
dirty, smelly
sick with hunger
waiting for rain
to take a shower

Inside –
wishing, hoping
thinking most of
their yearning for
parents to love



You’re So Full Of It!


energy to run around the first floor of the house
voice to sing and whine
strength to climb up and down the stairs
– a hundred times

charm to woo strangers at the store
sweetness to make new friends anywhere
smarts to get anything you want at all
– a thousand times more

where do you get
all of everything
and how do you keep
from exploding
because you’re so full of it

so full of everything nice
and all things loving
and all sorts of wonderful
and all kinds of amazing
– a bazillion times galore

my boy
my boy
how can there
possibly be more

yet each day
you grow
and show me
all the ways
you’ve become
more beautiful than before
– a gazillion squared, times four


First, my baby was sick for a week.  Then my toddler was sick the next week.  Now my husband is sick – hopefully he will recover faster than the other two.  Also, I hope my eldest doesn’t get whatever’s making its rounds around here…


I am out of energy
Someone throw me a line
I need some more coffee
Or a new bottle of wine

There must be an end to this
I just have to persevere
I need to stay awake
And keep my coffee mug near

The flu or the cold
I don’t care what’s its name
It needs to go away now
I’m done playing its game

I’d like our lives to be back to normal
For sleep to be uninterrupted
For temperatures at 98.6 or so
And for food to be un-vomited

Tweet me some well wishes
Or send me the cure in the mail
Or FedEx a new pack of coffee
Because I’m feeling rather frail

I need me some more energy
To last this third round
Tell me, my dear friends
Where can it be found?!


Dedicated to my 3 beautiful kids!


I waited so long to see you
and imagined your beautiful
face a million times plus one

I went through numerous lists
to find out what to call you
when the waiting’s finally done

I thought of a thousand things
that could go wrong
and keep us apart forever

I dreamnt a hundred dreams
where we danced
and sung lullabyes ever after

I labored to bring you into this world
so I could hold you dear

You gave me strength to push on
and persevere

Then we met
and the universe cheered…