Wheel Me In

I don’t know where I’m heading
Someone else take the wheel
My mind is too distracted
To know what my heart feels


Turn, wheel, turn
With each rotation do
Make the time fly by

Clockwise, on and on
And we grow older everyday
Forgetting all of life’s strife

Turn, wheel, turn
Until it’s time to stop
When I’ve reached my destiny; eternity

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“Good-by, Proud World”

Day 18 has got to be the most challenging prompt ever.  Check it out:

Here’s Carol’s prompt: Write a glosa. This involves an epigram of 4 consecutive lines from a favorite poet that the challenge participant believes they can write successfully to. Then, write a poem consisting of four 10-line stanzas where the final line of each stanza is a line from the epigram, in order. Within each stanza, lines 6, 9 and 10 must rhyme.

So…did you catch that?  Crazy as it is, here I go!

“Good-by” by Ralph Waldo Emerson 1803-1882
“Good-by, proud world, I’m going home,
Thou’rt not my friend, and I’m not thine;
Long through thy weary crowds I roam;
A river-ark on the ocean brine…”

Good-by, proud world, I’m going home
I’ve lived my life too long
The mountains no longer beckon me
My heart no longer sings
Your streets are naught but faded gold
Where I go, ’tis more peaceful there
And the flowers never fade nor wilt
There, troubles cease to exist
There’s plenty of everything to share
And even strangers know how to care.

Thou’rt not my friend, and I’m not thine
Our relationship can’t go on
You’ve nothing good to offer me
And you’ve taken all I have
Though long I fought for life
To bring some sunshine at my door
And have a melody of my own
I couldn’t win agaist your hand
I knew I was doomed forevermore
Pain and loneliness fill my very core.

Long through thy weary crowds I roam
With a raincloud in my mind
Not one friend you’ve given me
Nor spared a lullaby
What would you have me do
in a life such as this?
I’ve no fire in my spirit
Your words are naught but empty sounds
There’s nothing here I would miss
Leaving you will be simple bliss.

A river-ark on the ocean brine
A thornbush on a lily-pond
I pluck myself whence I don’t belong
Lest you waste more energy
To keep this lone heart beating
Adieu, dear world
Do not grieve for me
I leave now for my dreams
To sing of beauties unseen, untold
I live a new life; neither lonely nor cold.

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How To Be A Mother

I don’t think I could’ve written this one without experience. 🙂

Day 17 of the challenge comes from Maxie Steer: Take the phrase “How to (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem.

“How To Be A Mother”

Say goodbye to sleep
Erase those Friday nights
Put away the skinny jeans
Get up at first light

Trade your heels for flats
Have baby wipes at hand
Turn your coupe into a van
Carry a bigger purse around

Develop selective hearing
Be late everywhere you go
No more spontaneous trips
Use Netflix for all your shows

Start your own blog
Unload all that stress
Search through the blogosphere
To make sense of your mess

Realize you’re not alone
There are others in your boat too
Learn from your (and their) mistakes
And find the purpose for “you”

See motherhood in a whole new light
Change the direction you’re heading
Make room for others in your life
Cheer up and start living

Stop whining for what you’ve lost
You’ve gained so much more
Join the laughter of your children
Leave your baggage at the door

Share in the innocence of young hearts
Learn to see wonder in simple things
Be thankful for each moment lived
Be grateful for everything

Always carry a song
Give lots of hugs and kisses
Be ready to wipe some teardrops
And DO keep your promises!

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And Life Would Feel Hollow

Day 16’s challenge is from Robert: Use the last line of yesterday’s poem for the first line of today’s poem.

“…and life would feel hollow.”

And life would feel hollow
as the earth without a core
And my heart would be lost
Like an ocean looking for shore

And my mind might be lose itself
as a sailor without direction
And my mouth never again speak
like a note without composition

Fill my life with happiness
Give my heart a home
And I’ll love you forevermore

Steady my restless mind
Let me sing your praise
And I’ll give you my decision…

I do.