A Hero and A Villain

I wrote this poem as a freshman in college (forgive the amateur-ness).
But I can definitely imagine myself again – looking through that window…

Save Me

I was looking out the window last night
and it’s amazing what you can see
I watched the sun set behind the hills
and I realized I wasn’t free

The sun said goodbye to me
and the moon said hello
But the clouds covered up the moon
and the stars lost their glow

Without the stars to wish upon
and no moon to talk to
I was by myself and trapped
behind a window to look through

I could not escape from this predicament
and it was worthless to even try
An unknown boundary held me in
and it forbade me to cry

Why didn’t my hero saved me
from this villain called “I”
I must really be a hopeless case
Used by love, left to die.

I really don’t mean to be dramatic and tragic all the time. It just sorta fits with the poems I write. I don’t know why it’s easy for me to poems with sad themes. Hmmm. Kinda does make me wonder…



Day 22.

A path paved with taffy
A strawberry flavored river
Powdered sugar dusted flowers
And rocks made out of toffee

Clouds of cotton candy
Hills of scoops of ice cream
Pink lemonade brooks and streams
And an ocean of coffee

Lollipops grow like weeds
Truffles sprout from trees
Caramel flowers bloom in threes
And cocoa roasted almond seeds

Each bite comes with a dose of bliss
(With vitamins and minerals packed in)
And zero grams of fat to keep me thin…
A fictional paradise it truly is!


The Truth About Perfect Love

Day 24:Take the phrase “The Truth About (blank),” replace the blank with a new word or phrase…

**Disclaimer (so my husband doesn’t disown me): I wrote this 12 years ago.**

Perfect Love

There is no perfect love
once I was told
So my hopes and dreams
I should cease to hold
My way of thinking
is absolutely wrong
Hence any of my relationships
won’t ever last long
Foolish and gullible
that’s how they describe me
Being manipulated by people
so the truth I can’t see
It’s only really about
taking care of each other
They say that’s what people should do
when they are together
Passion and love
only comes in the beginning
It doesn’t last forever
Oh, what was I thinking?
I should stop my worthless search
and accept reality
There is no perfect love
There is only responsibility.

marriage vs phd

Gathering. Letting.

The ears hear the harsh words

The skin feels the cold ground

The eyes see the selfish world

The hands hold the empty can

The nose smells the scent of defeat

The brain calculates the odds of life

The heart gathers it all in

The lungs let the last breath out…

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