Alphabet Poetry Series: “G is for Gloss”

Lilet Poster White_site_905

she had a tendency to do that
in order to survive
not have to face the pain
to lose again

important matters brushed aside
what’s important anyway?
stuff happens no matter what
she hasn’t got time for that

it’s a talent, really
glossing over everything
invincible to consequence
at her children’s expense

someone has to reap
whatever she sows
even though her selfishness
has a gloss of loveliness

poor children
dear children
“trying to gloss away
the irrationalities
of the universe”

{Quote by Irwin Edman.}

The film “Lilet Never Happened” is a character driven story about Lilet, a maladjusted Filipino street-girl, struggling to survive on the streets of Manila. International social worker Claire tries to safe her but this hard headed, traumatized girl thinks she can take her life in her own hands. Though Lilet gets many opportunities to quit, she stubbornly chooses the hard way. The film is based on interviews with Lilet, a little girl, who became Manila’s most famous child prostitute.


I Watched You Grow

I watched you grow

so fast

so fast

And wondered

how I could stop time

Because I love you

too much

too much

To let you blossom

bigger than my arms

But you are

my sun

my sun

In the darkest of days

And you make me happy

all the seconds of every day.

Happy Birthday My Little One


{Linking up with Alison and Galit.}

No Longer Mine

There sure are alot of cars
I don’t remember that there
This place looks so different
I wonder why I care

I left so long ago
It’s been forever since then
I haven’t driven this stretch
Since I can’t remember when

The people look so different
There’s a foreign feel to the air
There’s no more sense of belonging
It almost seems unfair

Someone stole my childhood
The place of my happy youth
My place of safe boundaries
My world of truth

I drove by my house today
It looks so different now
I sat in my car in front of it
And felt so lost somehow

Through that window was my room
The other my brother’s
Then I moved down the hall
Closer to my mother and father’s

I looked with x-ray eyes
And I saw the narrow hallway
Leading to the living room
Where my brother and I used to play

I saw myself at the old computer
And on the couch watching t.v.
And under the dining table on the phone
Oh life then was truly easy

The backyard
The tree
The fence
The bees

The dirt
The clothesline
The garage door
The neighborhood feline

I saw it all
And then no more
And I drove away

“Just Beneath”

Day 4 of this challenge and I’d like to reminisce a little…

Marie’s prompt is: Take the phrase “Just Beneath (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then write the poem.  Possible titles include “Just Beneath My Feet,” “Just Beneath This City,” or “Just Beneath the Surface.”

“Just Beneath”

Just beneath the sky
there’s a place I know
where dragonflies hover about
and kites soar high
above the fields of corn and wheat

In this place I hold dear
the neighbors’ houses are far
across the fields and bridge
while people’s hearts are near
and true friends are real

I miss this sanctuary
my home and my playground
my childhood palace of dreams
where the days are warm and breezy
and the nights are mysteriously cool

I long to hear the raindrops fall
gently on the leaves once more
and I want to breathe in
the fresh-wet earth and all
the sweet mountain air

I hope someday I will find
myself underneath that same sky
where my heart still lives
and longs for that kind
of simple life.