Alphabet Poetry Series: “G is for Gloss”

Lilet Poster White_site_905

she had a tendency to do that
in order to survive
not have to face the pain
to lose again

important matters brushed aside
what’s important anyway?
stuff happens no matter what
she hasn’t got time for that

it’s a talent, really
glossing over everything
invincible to consequence
at her children’s expense

someone has to reap
whatever she sows
even though her selfishness
has a gloss of loveliness

poor children
dear children
“trying to gloss away
the irrationalities
of the universe”

{Quote by Irwin Edman.}

The film “Lilet Never Happened” is a character driven story about Lilet, a maladjusted Filipino street-girl, struggling to survive on the streets of Manila. International social worker Claire tries to safe her but this hard headed, traumatized girl thinks she can take her life in her own hands. Though Lilet gets many opportunities to quit, she stubbornly chooses the hard way. The film is based on interviews with Lilet, a little girl, who became Manila’s most famous child prostitute.


2 thoughts on “Alphabet Poetry Series: “G is for Gloss”

  1. I think that film would make me so very sad. I know it’s not my culture, and I don’t understand or am aware of all the specifics, but it’s hard to understand why any country would allow such a thing to go on. or a parent actually selling their precious child into such a life. your poem really captures this.


    • You would be surprised. I was! I was actually just “Google-ing” for a pic of a mom prostitute with a child in tow (or something like that) – then all these images showed up of child prostitution, organizations with posters helping those poor children, human trafficking…etc… It really opened my eyes. They start so young… And in some countries, it’s a tradition! Afghanistan, India, Cuba…it’s even here in the U.S.! It really makes me fearful for my daughters. Also, it makes me not want to travel because I’m afraid of losing my daughters to kidnappers and being sold.

      Oh my heart ached to see those all those photos of abused girls. How the heart of Jesus must hurt so! I pray for someone, anyone to save those girls!


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