I’m changing it up
you see
to be unpredictable
to be sly
to be funny
to be interesting
so don’t expect
for me
to be the same
it ain’t happenin’
cuz I’m hip
and I’m cool
and I blend with the crowd
and stay different
all at the same time
so tell me
am I


Facebook Brain

cell phone in the morning
soon as I open my eyes
gotta check that facebook

tablet at breakfast
to read the news
to read the latest gossip
in magazines
on the net
and again, facebook

lunch time already
gotta log in
share a pic of my lunch
and oh, check facebook

after work, finally
gotta drive home
better check the traffic
on my phone
check if my friends
are out of work too
better see their status
on facebook

Yes, home!
turn on the computer
skype a little bit
print out a recipe
take a pic
look, I cooked dinner
what did everyone else make?
I wonder if they posted
their dinner
on facebook?

so tired
time for bed
but i wonder who’s still
on facebook
I’ll just take a little peek
and check…

Too Bad For Me

It’s been so long
These words stuck
In the crevices of nothingness
And I couldn’t reach them
Nor pry them out
Much as I tried
I strained
And broke a neuron
And lost what could have been
The greatest words
Ever written
Too bad
No luck for me
I’ll just get back
To my coffee…

Alphabet Poetry Series: “E is for E-Mail”

It used to be so gratifying
to hear that ding
I always had the volume up
so I wouldn’t miss a thing

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

I felt so important
that someone sent me an email
I’d rush to my computer
like it was the Holy Grail

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

After school it was
the first thing I’d go see
The sound of the modem connecting
was happy music to me

(Notification sound)

Now there’s only a sound
and it happens every minute
I’ve learned to wait a while
and choose to ignore it

(Notification sound)

I’m not that important
just a bunch of junk mail
I miss the days when people
used to use Postal Mail