Facebook Brain

cell phone in the morning
soon as I open my eyes
gotta check that facebook

tablet at breakfast
to read the news
to read the latest gossip
in magazines
on the net
and again, facebook

lunch time already
gotta log in
share a pic of my lunch
and oh, check facebook

after work, finally
gotta drive home
better check the traffic
on my phone
check if my friends
are out of work too
better see their status
on facebook

Yes, home!
turn on the computer
skype a little bit
print out a recipe
take a pic
look, I cooked dinner
what did everyone else make?
I wonder if they posted
their dinner
on facebook?

so tired
time for bed
but i wonder who’s still
on facebook
I’ll just take a little peek
and check…


One thought on “Facebook Brain

  1. I gave up pretty much on Twitter, and Facebook I only remember to open if I get a notification, or want to post a picture so family and friends far away can get an update. It’s just soooo time consuming. For me, it’s always another blog post to read. I follow way too many I think… I am going to have to be more selective in my daily reading, because it can seriously reach 50 in a day!!


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