Know To Find

The ebbing and flowing of the tide
The coming and going of the time
The rising and setting of the sun
All these, in Love, you shall find
The brightness and darkness of the sky
The lightness and heaviness of a sigh
The happiness and sadness of a child
These too, in Love, you shall find
          Know how to trust
          Know how to forgive
          Know how to understand
          Know how to give
          Know how to be selfless
          Know how to be mild
          Know how to be patient
          Know how to be kind
Know all these, and Love, you shall find
~ 2001

A Lifetime of Love

The ocean has its treasures from ships long forgotten.
Forever it will keep the mysteries and secrets it holds.
It owns the lives of strangers and cradles babies in its soft floor.
Memories are wrapped in all their glory with pearls.

But the ocean is a mere river compared to the vastness of my heart.
Forever it will hold you and wrap you in its love.
Along with treasured feelings, you’ll be the diamond of them all.
You can occupy my deepest thoughts.
You won’t be cold, my heart will warm you.

So let me have you and come to me.
Step out of my dreams and let my arms hold you.
My heart is open, waiting for you.
Longing for your love, give me a chance.
Then destiny can take its place and together we can prove
that such beautiful love does exist in such a lonely world.

Let the flowers dry with envy and let the birds sing with jealousy.
We’ll walk among the clouds and have our dreams in our hands.
The world can keep revolving, but time cannot affect us.
We’ll have our own limits and live within the boundaries of our love.

So let the breeze blow softly and me.
Just as a river from deep within the forest finds its way to the sea,
let your love from deep within your heart flow unto me.
When time catches up, we’ll rest on a bed of roses and a blanket of silk.
Then together we’ll wake up and share eternity…

~ 1998, Inspired by “Titanic”


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A Little At A Time

Laugh a little

It’s all it takes
To wake the happiness
Sleeping in your soul

Cry a little

To spill a few tears
And make some room
For sweeter thoughts

Love a little

To open the door
And show the world
Your beautiful heart

Alphabet Poetry Series: “I is for Inspire”

{This poem is also “inspired” by today’s prompt on dVerse: “on the other hand.”}

people look for leaders
even unintentionally
and some leaders lead
with a heavy hand
and some laissez-faire
and no one stops
to think about
where these leaders
get their ideas

or maybe they know
that’s why they follow

It’s from the Good Book
you see
though it’s a matter
of interpretation
who’s really the

There is a leader
inspired by the Holy Spirit
and leads his flock
on a humble path
on faith
on hope
on love

on the other hand

There is a leader
inspired by his god
and leads his pack
on a prideful path
on mistrust
on despair
on hate

so sad
some people don’t see
the other side