We Become

Faith, Hope, Charity

With these, I believe humanity

has a chance to stay alive


Charity, Faith, Hope

Sometimes shaken to the core

– a fight to survive


We become [Boston] strong.


in memoriam to lives lost & in dedication to survivors

Boston Marathon (April 15) 2013



Just A Little Rain

Photo by Alicia Ann @ ProjectAlicia.com

And the days aren’t always sunny

because we all need a little rain

to wash the mudstreaks from our face

and alleviate the pain

it gives a chance for us to cry

without anyone noticing

tears rush out like rain drops

and join the chorus of water falling

our vision becomes a blur

and we feel stuck in a mud flow

but then we remember

rain makes the flowers grow

it’s just a little rain

this is not the end

hold your head up high

spring will come again.