Know To Find

The ebbing and flowing of the tide
The coming and going of the time
The rising and setting of the sun
All these, in Love, you shall find
The brightness and darkness of the sky
The lightness and heaviness of a sigh
The happiness and sadness of a child
These too, in Love, you shall find
          Know how to trust
          Know how to forgive
          Know how to understand
          Know how to give
          Know how to be selfless
          Know how to be mild
          Know how to be patient
          Know how to be kind
Know all these, and Love, you shall find
~ 2001



Why can’t I remember the way you smelled

the way you felt, the things you said

the day that grandpa died

When you held me to you

The only hug I can salvage from my past?


Why can’t I remember what you said the first day of kindergarten

When I slapped the teacher’s face

and squirmed out of her arms

Like a bar of wailing, wet soap slipping down the street ?


Why don’t I know how you felt those many years I left you longing for your son

In the silent house, that empty room,

With your restless maternal hands

Grasping at the ghosts in my room?


Why can’t I remember what you said that final Sunday

When your voice scratched across the miles

A phone line heavy with forgotten words

In a moment that will never be again?


Why can’t I remember?

A Little At A Time

Laugh a little

It’s all it takes
To wake the happiness
Sleeping in your soul

Cry a little

To spill a few tears
And make some room
For sweeter thoughts

Love a little

To open the door
And show the world
Your beautiful heart

I Give Up

The part where my heart is breaking
Is the part I can’t endure
I give up on this broken love
I want to stop the pain
There is no happy ever after
Just memories of what could’ve been
Because the future isn’t meant
For the two of us to share
To the sweet or bitter end