Alphabet Poetry Series: “N is for Neptune”

Would that I could live under the sea
I would take you with me
Maybe there, the world is much calmer
Less noise, more clarity

Atlantis might be my one true home
And Neptune will I be
To command water, wind, and weather
To be in harmony

My kingdom will be more vast than land
And prettier, you’ll see
I’ll prepare it all for you, my love,
Queen, for eternity.

Alphabet Poetry Series: “I is for Inspire”

{This poem is also “inspired” by today’s prompt on dVerse: “on the other hand.”}

people look for leaders
even unintentionally
and some leaders lead
with a heavy hand
and some laissez-faire
and no one stops
to think about
where these leaders
get their ideas

or maybe they know
that’s why they follow

It’s from the Good Book
you see
though it’s a matter
of interpretation
who’s really the

There is a leader
inspired by the Holy Spirit
and leads his flock
on a humble path
on faith
on hope
on love

on the other hand

There is a leader
inspired by his god
and leads his pack
on a prideful path
on mistrust
on despair
on hate

so sad
some people don’t see
the other side

Alphabet Poetry Series: “F is for Float”

There was a song
only we could hear
would call to us
in whispers
and wind

And we’d float
on riversong
heart beating

But we fell
and we lost
pushed down
by the

And bits and pieces
not enough whole
to stay afloat
on our

The water
carried you away
and the dream
is all
I have

Alphabet Poetry Series: “D is for Devastated”

meatless meatballs
unscented rose
waterless fish
nonsense prose
sunless moon
wingless bird
timeless clock
wheyless curd
rootless tree
voiceless singer
you-less me
happy-less forever