Alphabet Poetry Series: “E is for E-Mail”

It used to be so gratifying
to hear that ding
I always had the volume up
so I wouldn’t miss a thing

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

I felt so important
that someone sent me an email
I’d rush to my computer
like it was the Holy Grail

“Ding! You’ve got mail!”

After school it was
the first thing I’d go see
The sound of the modem connecting
was happy music to me

(Notification sound)

Now there’s only a sound
and it happens every minute
I’ve learned to wait a while
and choose to ignore it

(Notification sound)

I’m not that important
just a bunch of junk mail
I miss the days when people
used to use Postal Mail



Inanimate Object

What do kids value these days?  Their iPads? iPhones? Skateboards? Pillow pets? DS?  Really, I could go on about it.

But do they know there are thousands of kids out there who value something so small that most people just throw away?

beggar LIFE

Inanimate Object

a battered, old thing

fished out of the trash

no holes, that’s good

it can hold cash

on a rainy day

fresh water to catch

and in the river

a scooper for a bath

most precious possession

priceless tin can

Day 8 of 2013 November PAD challenge.


There’s a different sort of feeling
you get when riding a bike
an unreproducible feeling
that seems to like
to take hold of your soul
in order to free it
from being stuck on the soil
full of garbage and dirt
No, those two wheels of gold
can fly far away
where the clouds grow old
and it’s always day
the wind feels chilly
and a little bit sweet
and you can be silly
and pedal at a leisurely beat.