Inanimate Object

What do kids value these days?  Their iPads? iPhones? Skateboards? Pillow pets? DS?  Really, I could go on about it.

But do they know there are thousands of kids out there who value something so small that most people just throw away?

beggar LIFE

Inanimate Object

a battered, old thing

fished out of the trash

no holes, that’s good

it can hold cash

on a rainy day

fresh water to catch

and in the river

a scooper for a bath

most precious possession

priceless tin can

Day 8 of 2013 November PAD challenge.


4 thoughts on “Inanimate Object

  1. looks like our camping mugs. my kids actually love drinking out of them at the table. they can pretend they are still camping.
    Hopefully I am successful in teaching them how lucky they are that it is only pretend – that they do have a warm bed and solid roof over their heads.


  2. I always try to remind my kids how lucky they are and that there are many children who have a lot less than they do. Especially this time of year when they are inundated with all the glitz and sparkle of the season!!!


    • It’s good to remind kids every now and then. The tricky part is getting them to care about it, yes? Sometimes, seeing creates more lasting impact than hearing about it. So I try to show them pics on the computer (since I can’t show them out in the real world…).


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