“Full Moon”

Today, we are inspired by that unearthly place where dreams go: the moon.

Prompt for Day 2 of the 2012 November PAD Challenge came from Khara House: Write a full moon poem. The full moon might be a character or symbol in the poem. Or the poem might address what happens during a full moon: magic, mischief, madness, etc.


Follow Me

How can you sleep on a night like this?
The full moon is shining bright
as a lighthouse upon a stormy sea.

Can’t you see the path laid out before you?
Every twist of the sodden path
is visible underneath your feet.

Do you feel the adventure brewing ’round the corner?
It’s there waiting to be found,
hiding from the haunting skylight.

Why don’t you come and follow me?
We’ll do as the nocturnal wild things do;
run, be free – in the light of the moon.


That was fun.  Now I really wish I could go out and run at night.  Heck, I’d even be satisfied just sitting there, gazing at the stars and the moon.  Wouldn’t you?


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