A Hero and A Villain

I wrote this poem as a freshman in college (forgive the amateur-ness).
But I can definitely imagine myself again – looking through that window…

Save Me

I was looking out the window last night
and it’s amazing what you can see
I watched the sun set behind the hills
and I realized I wasn’t free

The sun said goodbye to me
and the moon said hello
But the clouds covered up the moon
and the stars lost their glow

Without the stars to wish upon
and no moon to talk to
I was by myself and trapped
behind a window to look through

I could not escape from this predicament
and it was worthless to even try
An unknown boundary held me in
and it forbade me to cry

Why didn’t my hero saved me
from this villain called “I”
I must really be a hopeless case
Used by love, left to die.

I really don’t mean to be dramatic and tragic all the time. It just sorta fits with the poems I write. I don’t know why it’s easy for me to poems with sad themes. Hmmm. Kinda does make me wonder…


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