New Arrival

I’m so very late for the party. Poetry Challenge 2013 is 10 days well under way, and here I am with the first one. Oh well. Better late than never. (Who said that anyway?)


appointments dropped
a whole week cleared
shifts rescheduled
sick days redeemed
food delivered
Starbucks made more dough
neither cops nor rain
couldn’t make them go
fights broke out
pushed and shoved
just for the new arrival
of the iPhone that they loved

{ 2013 Poem-A-Day Challenge:  Day #1 }


2 thoughts on “New Arrival

  1. haha….ah, the drive to get the latest and newest gadget.
    I don’t have that….I am the opposite: something has to wear or break before I will give in and buy the newest version. by the time my iPhone 3 doesn’t work anymore…it will probably be iPhone 10…..and I will buy that one. LOL


    • you are too funny. i can’t say for sure that i’ll ever own an iphone or ianything. it’ll have to be something super cool that an android can’t match. AND it has to not cost a ridiculous amount of moolah before i ever get one. haha!


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