Plus and Post

I’m running late on this whole PAD thing.  Too many reasons to list.  So I will be playing catch up the rest of the week.  Wish me luck.



One plus one
and that was fun

Then Love became flesh…

One plus one equals three
and the more, the merrier, you see

Then Love became flesh

One plus one equals four
and life’s full of adventures galore

Then Love became flesh
once more…

One plus one equals five
Love around here really thrives!




What do you mean you sent me a post?
Did you publish a blog?
Write an article for an online news?
I haven’t heard from you in ages!
What do you mean you sent me a post?

Mail? What mail?
I was just on the computer earlier today.
My inbox was full of spam.
I didn’t see your name.
Mail? What mail?

A “real” letter sent to me?!
Handwritten on paper with pen and ink?!
Stamped and sealed with a kiss?!
I didn’t know those still existed!
A REAL letter sent to me!

O happy day
I got a post
The mailman
is on his way
I got a post
from my friend
In reply
a card, I’ll send
– the non-electronic kind
of course. (The End.)


6 thoughts on “Plus and Post

  1. Love the first poem one plus one……a neat turn on the prompt.

    the second one makes me want to send someone an actual letter, or postcard or something. it is a lost art form


  2. I always get excited when I receive a “real” letter or card in the mail. It’s becoming such a lost art and I’m just as guilty as others by not doing it enough myself even though I always want to… Great poems.


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