It’s no secret.  Street children will do anything to earn money, no matter how hard (or dangerous), to survive.  I remember seeing these kids everywhere in Manila…


I’ve reached the bottom
The worst part
I’m not alone
See my cart
Filled with invisible, heavy stones

It is my livelihood
I push it everyday
Through the streets
Come what may
On my sore little feet

Each bottle equals money
Plastic, glass, or tin
Small or super-sized too
In my cart they all go in
All day it’s all I do

A simple transaction
Get paid a small fraction
To buy a tiny portion
Of bits I could fashion
Into something I call “food.”

Day 7 of 2013 November PAD challenge.


2 thoughts on “Hardship

  1. Did you change things up a bit around here? looks good. Nice, simple and elegant way to showcase your words.
    of which these make me so very sad. I wish I could save them all. Sometimes I wonder if God would call me to that purpose? In some way. We made our shoeboxes this week – it’s a simple thing – but it’s the only thing I know to do right now. We prayed over them, they the child who receives them would not only be filled with joy — but the love of Christ that we poured into each little purchase.
    I know what’s inside won’t cover their hardships — but at the very least I hope it demonstrates to them: they are not forgotten. Somewhere, a family is thinking and praying for you.


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