Alphabet Poetry Series: “A is for Address”

Past the pothole
on the middle right
side of the road
right before the
yellow awning house
turn left
then slow for the
kids always playing
hockey on the road
turn right
cruise along for a while
admire the juniper trees
and dodge the tumbleweeds
the blind turn
the burnt evergreen
a dirt road
to nowhere it seems
I know it’s there
The place where you live
The place I can’t go
though I pass by
a hundred times a day
just outside my reality
your address.


4 thoughts on “Alphabet Poetry Series: “A is for Address”

  1. When I saw that the kids were playing hockey on the road, at first I thought you were spying on me! haha
    but then I saw “tumbleweed” which we definitely don’t have.

    I like your template. I am trying to find a nice simple, cleaner one for my new look. so few options with Blogger though. I never find quite what I am looking for. Is WordPress very different?


    • Playing around with the idea of switching, I see.
      WordPress definitely has a bigger learning curve, but once you learn the tricks, you’ll be glad you switched!

      One important question though: are you thinking of going free with or hosting your own but using the wordpress platform which is

      This poetry blog is on, but my mommy blog is on (hosted on GoDaddy).

      If you really want more info, email me. I would love to help you! Also, if u ever make the move, I have a new “Blogging Tips” section in my blog. Helpful posts every week….is the plan anyway. 😉


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